Offered by Marilyn Bushnell – REALTOR Shamrock Realty Group, Inc.

Let me start why we came to stay in OC- the sunsets…sunset1

Our first set of sunsets in OC came from the amazing Fagers Island restaurant. You can set your watch by it. Each night, this amazing place would begin their play of the 1812 Overture to mark the end of another amazing day at the beach.

Well, my husband and I were always enthralled by its ceremony, fun and beauty. Really, how can you miss on such a work of nature?!

Once we decided to stay, we bought a Bayfront condo to also commemorate this awesome occasion each day into night. It was even more remarkable, with the glow of the sunset just basking thru every pore of our home! WOW

Then, a few years later we moved “off the Bay” to a wonderful location, Glen Riddle. Not as direct view of the sunsets, but take a look at them on the Bay by boat- just as amazing.


Sunsets never grow old and they always remain beautiful at the beach. There are so many places to enjoy them- bayside, on the water, from a restaurant, but they are all a great toast to a day well done!

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  1. Pam Wadler says:

    There is nothing better than an Ocean City sunsets! As well as the “Emotion of the Ocean” with the gorgeous sum rises!!!! What a PERFECT place to work, live and play!!!

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